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At A Glance

Check out the innovative features of the 907 Pro.

3Axis Gimbal

Capture stunning images with our camera boasting an impressive 15 Megapixel resolution. Upgrade your photography game today.

5X Zoom

On 907 Pro, zoom up to 5x gives you crisp detail 

EIS Anti-Shake

Experience smooth and stable footage with EIS Anti-Shake technology. Capture every moment without blur or distortion.

Larger Sensor, Perfect Image


$300+ Amazon Drone

Hands free, dream shots.

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Just drop a pin, and drone circles you, keeping you centered for an epic blockbuster effect. 

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Draw a box around yourself and drone will follow, keeping you centered the whole time. Or, keep the remote with you and drone will follow via its signal.

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Set GPS points on your phone, and drone flies the route, completely hands free.

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360 Shooting

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Fade away

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GPS Tracking

Auto Return

Drone will return to you automatically at low battery, lost connection, or at the tap of a button.

flightelf drone Cinemaster 2 Pro Carbon Fiber Find Drone

Find Drone

Map shows exact last location 

Intelligent Flight Mode

Thanks to these two navigation modules, the drone can hover more stably, reducing the risk of loss. When the drone loses signal or loses power, the return-to-home function is triggered.

360o Obstacle Avoidance

Venture safely by snapping on the Flightelf laser obstacle avoider. Enjoy 360-degree collision avoidance so you can focus less on the surroundings and more on the flying.

Power Through Fierce Elements.

Bolting at 30+ MPH, Sport Mode gives you full throttle for action shots or tough wind conditions.

Wireless Connection, Fast Output

Pictures / videos are instantly & wirelessly transferred to your smartphone's photo album (You do NOT need a 5G capable phone!). Just 1 press of a button, and you can easily share what your videos on Instagram, Facebook, etc

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First-time flyer? The 907Plus setup and learning curve take just minutes with anti-collision sensors, a hover button, and automatic takeoffs and landings, making it ideal even for less experienced pilots.

What’s Included

Dronex 1 (Excludes Battery)

Carry Bagx 1 $15 Value

Drone Controllerx 1

Gimbal Cover

Drone Battery(Select Qty.)

Phone Connection Cables

Propellersx2 FREE - $30 Value

Battery Charger

Drone Manual and Video $60 Value

"A terrific drone. Well built. Extremely stable in flight, especially windy days. Automatic return to home function is spot on no matter how far it is from 'home'. But the most impressive feature is the prompt customer service I have received! Thanks Flightelf drones"

- John, Verified Purchaser


Do I Need Permission to Fly This Drone Recreationally?

While you do not need a special license, you do need to register the drone with the FAA (in the United States). You can register here. Please also make sure you are in an allowable airspace when flying.

What Happens If The Drones Runs Out Of Battery Mid Air?

If the drone runs out of battery mid-air, it will initiate the landing procedure at a descent of ~1m/s. During that time, you will still have X-axis control and can attempt to bring it back to you during the time it takes to land. We encourage you not to fly your drone after the low battery warning is signaled.

Can You Fly The Drone Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, the connection between your remote control, drone, and phone all run off their own signal (for all drones).

Will I Receive Everything I Need To Fly Out Of The Box?

Yes! Everything you need to fly and film. Note - you are encouraged to charge it up fully before taking off.

How Do I Get My Videos Onto The Computer?

Simply plug in the MicroSD into the computer like a flash drive. Or, export it from your phone to the computer (lower resolution than an SD card). We strongly recommend using the SD card to transfer footage from the drone to your computer.

How Do I Get My Drone To Connect?

Flying Steps:
1.Power on drone and controller, wait 40s for connection. 2.Use the correct port cable to connect phone and controller, agree to the cable access prompted by the app.
3.Calibrate the compass and gyroscope.
4.Start the motors then enjoy your flight.

What devices are these drones compatible with?

All drones are compatible with pretty much every smartphone or tablet released after 2012-2013 and with access to Apple App Store or Google Play store.

To check, download the corresponding drone app that you need to use on your device. If it downloads, you should be good to go.