Flightelf Drone Megaphone

INTERNAL MAGNETIC SPEAKER - Based on digital voice coding technology, do not affect drone geomagnetic field, can get super clear voice and prevent disturbing from analog voice sources.

LONG-DISTANCE TRANSMISSION - Loudspeaker is built-in 3.7V 600mAh large-capacity lithium battery for long battery life. And the remote controller a 3.7V 800mAh battery to meet the needs of major scenarios. The communication distance between the loudspeaker and the remote control can reach up to 6500 ft. Can be charged by USB Port.

ABS ABRASION-RESISTANT MATERIAL - Exquisitely made from ABS, light & wear-resistant, and minimizing the impact on aircraft life. All-in-one structure and small size, easy for installation and low air resistance.

Applicable to 90% Of Drone


Traffic safety can't be ignored

It can be used to direct traffic on a crowded road without worrying about your voice being covered by noisy sounds.

Participate in your life

Do you want to have a better atmosphere during the party?

Is the promotion of the new store opening not enough to attract customers?

Is the ordinary placement and posting style of advertisements ineffective, but a waste of manpower and time?

Do you feel guilty about the lack of time to accompany your children due to long-term overtime and busy work? ...

Romantic maker

Do you want to leave her romantic memories on the anniversary?

Do you have someone you want to show love to?

This loudspeaker can also become a romantic maker!

You can show your imagination!

Reduce accidents

When the crowd gathers but there is danger, it can help you evacuate the crowd in an emergency, reduce casualties, and avoid the occurrence of stampede.

Distance is no longer a concern. In the time When in isolation, with it, you can easily communicate with your neighbors or community members without face to face contact.

What you need to know

The communication channel of this megaphone is 462MHz.

The speaker volume is about 100 dB at a short distance.

The sound transmission distance can be about 200 m.

Made of high-quality ABS material, durable, small and portable.

The bottom is designed with non-slip soft cushion, it will not fall easily and will not scratch the carrier.

The net weight of the loudspeaker is 97 g, and the net weight of the remote control is 47.3 g.

It is bound by Velcro and will not affect the flight of the drone after installation. The length of the Velcro strap can be adjusted freely

The control distance is about 6500 ft.

The use time is about 2 h.

The charging time of the megaphone is about 50 mins, and the charging time of the remote control is about 60 mins.


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