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Empowering First-Time Flyers

We understand that not everyone is ready to invest a significant amount in their first drone. Flightelf empowers first-time flyers with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive controls, and features that make the learning curve enjoyable. Our drones are your companions in exploring the skies, capturing breathtaking moments, and embarking on your drone journey without breaking the bank.

Cinemaster 2 Pro

For the Professional+.

From $489

 Cinemaster 2

For the Professional.

From 459


For the lightweight professional.

From $289


For the Weekender.

From $224

Why Flightelf?

Designed with you in mind.

A new perspective on the world.

"This is a great drone for beginners and intermediate (without breaking the bank on a DJI, which isn't necessary in this case). The Cinemaster 2 has everything you need for great video and pictures. Highly recommend it. Flight time is also very good (just over 30 minutes per battery)."

- Israel H*******, Verified Purchaser - July 17 2022

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