Does this Drone Come With a Warranty?

Yes! The Drone is covered under our standard product warranty, and you are encouraged to get an accidental damage protection warranty as well! You can read the policies here.

Do I Need permission to fly this drone in a non-commercial way?

No special license is required, but you will need to register the drone with the FAA (here in the United States). You can do that here 

Are there more propellers and batteries?

Yes! There are 4 propellers in the package, and we sell extras as well! Batteries are also available. Check our 'Accessories' section

What happens if it runs out of battery mid air?

If you continue flying your quadcopter after low battery, and you run out of battery mid-air, the drone will initiate the landing procedure. In the time that it is landing, you still have X axis control of the drone, and can bring it back as far as you can in the time it takes to land. Auto-landing descent are slow, usually around 1 m/s, so you will have a bit of emergency time to get your drone back to a safe place. If you are worried about something happening to your drone, we encourage you to purchase a warranty plan - we replace your mistakes!

Is this drone waterproof?

It definitely doesn't swim, but it can withstand some light rain - though you should never put that to the test. The fans on the exterior of the drone can expose droplets to the interior of the drone - so you should avoid the rain.

Can I fly this drone without WiFi?

Yes, the connection between your remote control, drone, and phone all run off their own signal.

How do I properly mount the propellers?

It's easy, don't worry. To attach, unscrew, then push the rod of the leg into the propeller’s holes, and twist to the right. Keep it pushed until fully twisted.

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