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Clark Bauch

What an amazing drone! Got this as my son' s birthday present and he absolutely loved it. The compact size is amazing and even with its size with the wings open its surprisingly very light. Haven't tested the camera so can't comment on it. It flips effortlessly and goes up to a good altitude. A great drone all in al

Aimer L'infini

This drone is awesome! Flying it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, and the beginner mode allows for you to take it easy and not get too far away. The come home button is an awesome feature to have too, and the picture/video quality from the camera is excellent. This is absolutely worth e


ery cool product, the drone arrives very fast, the gimbal improves the quality of taking pictures a lot, taking pictures is very professional, I am looking forward to the drone can fly far. Very good customer service.


Great beginner drone long flight timeThis is a great drone for beginners. Easy to control once you get it up in the air. I even like the FPV function. Who is the recorded video with a little better but it's good enough the handles pretty well in the wind as well and I was shot at how high and well the drone flew. I would highly recomme

Daniel J Johnson

Highly recommendedI’ve had this for a few days and I’m absolutely loving this little drone. Smaller and even more easily portable with better images and video!!

Dominic D'Amore

This is a great 'bang for your buck' drone. It's not the highest quality drone on the market, but it is the best drone in the price range. I was stunned at how many features this drone has similar to the DJI drones. Auto take-off, Return to Home, Points of interest, etc. My favorite part about this

James Vitalie

Great drone and couldn't ask for more features and quality especially for the great price.The camera is pretty amazing you couldn't ask for a better drone with all the features for the very reasonable price.

Kurt Smith

the best drone I had in this price range. the performance is here!


Feature rich and easy to flyIt is so much easier to fly than your basic drone thanks to the GPS hold. Once you get the drone into a position you like and want to play with the image controls, it locks its position, giving you freedom to pan around, take photos, record video, etc., with no apparent drift.

K. R

high quality drone with great valueThis a great drone for the money. Very fast shipping and great service. This drone works best in an area that is more open and rural vs in a highly urban or even suburban setting as it struggles to get the minimum number of GPS satellites required to fly in GPS mode without a clear sky. I will say that even without full GPS the drone is very stable and flies well. Just be super careful flying outside of GPS mode. The camera is very high quality and takes great video and pictures. Thank you.

Sudhir Kulkarni

Great feature packed droneI bought this for my drone enthusiast son and here is what he tells me: This drone is a really great value for money one. It is packed with features and their designers have put in significant thought into it. The battery time is much better compared to my earlier drones. Pairing with remote and phone (for pictures and videos) is really quick and simple so you can get it in the air quickly and capture what you want without wasting any time.