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Parker Jensen

Drone is an amazing drone for anyone, experienced or inexperienced. It came with a very professional and secure carrying/protective case to tote your drone around. I took it out of the case, set it up within 15 minutes, and as soon as the battery was charged, I was out flying it with confidence! It is VERY smooth flying and you never have to worry about losing control of it. It has amazing wind stabilization and GPS tracking. The GPS tracking allows you to have the drone automatically come back home with the press of one button. The GPS capabilities also allow you to Have the drone follow you, circle around you, follow an identified target, or follow a traced path that you made. Overall, this is a great drone for anyone to use. It is simple to learn, use, and become great at. With how simple it is to use and learn, it has very complex capabilities and features. I would reccomned this drone looking for anyone to get into drones.

Moises Miller

This drone is great! Comes in a nice case with replacement parts. No assembly required, just unfold, charge your battery and follow the easy directions. Easy to use, easy to get started! This is my first drone, it was so easy I made a video in the first 30 min from unboxing!!!! The 4k camera is very clear and easy to use. The drone is so steady it's very hard to crash it. Have fun!

Rex Lowe

A few good aspects of this drone. The controls are responsive, and its easy to learn once you got the basic's. This drone is actually pretty tough. My first flight (which I have a couple of still shots from my video here). I pushed "return home" and the drone went quite a bit higher (its supposed to do this) and out over a river. I kinda freaked out didn't want to experience a water landing so I tried to take control and ended up crashing on some rocks on the river bank hard. Other than a couple of scratches it still runs great. This drone in my opinion is worth the money, but from now on. I think I'll land the drone myself as my second flight the landing was much softer.

Cindy Ullrich

I am very much enjoying this drone. The camera is excellent and once you get the hang of it it is easy to operate. Stability is great. I had one minor issue and the seller was very responsive and resolved it immediately. I can highly recommend this product and the seller.

Alexandrine Cormier

I wanted a quality drone without spending too much serious money. This is really the first time I planned to take a drone out and have it really fly high in the sky and capture actual videos and pictures so I didn't want anything too cheap either. I chose this one as it has great specs for video/pictures and it comes with 2 batteries, a case, and the remote is also rechargeable. I love the fact that I don't have to waste money on AA batteries for any of this setup! Assembly: There is not much to assemble as it comes pretty much assembled. You just need to pry the top cap off of the drone so that you can firmly push in the active obstacle sensor. The battery slides right into the drone. You then fold out the 4 arms, which already have propellers attached. The remote control has a contraption to hold your phone. Pre-flight setup: Before you fly the drone, you need to ensure it is calibrated and getting GPS signals (otherwise some features don't work, like auto-return). I turned the drone on first, by long pressing the power button. Then I turned on the remote and connected my phone to the app. I long press the top right button (camera). This initiates the calibration process where you need to rotate the drove horizontally around 3-5 loops/cycles till you hear the first beep. Then you have the camera facing downwards and rotate it again for another 3-5 times till it beeps one more time. I then long press the top left button for about 5-6 seconds and it beeps. Now look at the remote to see how many satellites are picked up...if you have around 10 or more, you should be in mode 2 and ready for flight. Taking off and flight control: You aim the 2 joysticks inwards or outwards (on the bottom side) and if you calibrated the drone correctly, the propellers will start to spin. Then you can use the left stick or the auto lift off button to get it into the air where it will hover about 5 feet off the ground. The left stick controls the height and left/right rotation. The rig

Alexanne Ernser

This drone was absolutely simple to learn. I’ve bought other drones but this one was the easiest and the best quality I’ve ever seen. Pairing is simple and allows for anyone to fly it without any knowledge on how to fly a drone.

Dudley Goyette

Drone is great quality. This is my first drone and am able to control it easily. Support did respond to my questions and helped me get flying. I recommend!

Nicole Green

Great Drone. As a beginner (second drone) I'm throughly impress. Customer Service is also awesome

Isabella Roob

Drone is easy to fly . Only problem was the print in instruction manual is VERY small making it difficult to read.

Ari Reichert

I enjoy the drone is easy to fly and the outstanding video and pictures they are good.

Calista Jones

Delivery was very fast. Have had only a short flight because of high winds, but was well pleased with the easy startup and power of the drone.