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So I've been wanting a drone for a while and came across this awesome little guy. The shipping was pretty fast and the drone itself is an amazing machine. I'm beyond happy with it. My only issue is the battery time isn't very accurate. I got 3 batteries cause who doesn't want 90 minutes right? Well the longest time I've gotten out of one battery is 25 minutes before it died. The other 2 died in less than that. All in all this is a great drone. It's very easy to fly and durable too.

Janelle Leffler

Don't normally write reviews but Flightelf has really impressed me with their customer service and quality of this M9 drone. I had the original Flightelf drone which I loved, but this one is shockingly better with it's gimbal camera. You only see gimbals on really expensive drones so I wasn't sure how good it would be, but it pleasantly surprised me because the video footage is so incredibly smooth. For those of you who don't know what a gimbal is, it basically keeps the camera straight even

Danielle Effertz

I can't believe it, it only more than two hundred dollars to get this drone Don’t hesitate and get it! This is my first ever drone and I love it! I’ve been wanting a drone for quite a while and I’m so happy I waited for this gem. Produces great quality and captures nice photos! Was pretty impressed with it considering I’m a beginner at flying! Definitely gonna need an extra battery.

Kelvin Mitchell

My first drone was a cheap toy that had a short fly time and could barely fly level. My neighbor was curious and ended up buying a high end one about 3x the price of the 907max and wow'ed me with all the features and performance to go along with it. I wasn't interested in spending that much and then I saw this one. From the moment I unpacked it, I was very impressed at how well it has performed in comparison. Most impressive feature is how stable it is in a windy environment.

Lillie Wisoky

After setting up, its flight process becomes easy and fast. It flies very steadily in the breeze and drifts very little. I could not test the battery time, but it takes about 30 minutes to fly, and there is more time to go. The landing effect of the car is very good. Looking forward to passing more tests.

Isaias Windler

First of all, I want to say that this is my first drone. I have been reading countless different reviews about drones, they are more expensive. The drone has some cool features, such as GPS satellite positioning hovering, altitude hold, headless mode, one-button takeoff/landing and emergency stop. It is also foldable and has an SD card slot, so you canstore photos and vids on the drone and save phone space. The app is super user-friendly and easy to use. 

Katlyn Hamill

This is an awesome drone. I was in the market for a drone after watching my friend fly his $2,000 drone. This was my first drone purchase and didn't want to spend that money. I am so glad I didn't. This is better quality, better case and takes better quality video than the more expensive drone. It comes with some extra parts (props), the batteries have industry leading run times, the controller is nice and fits your hand well, the app is easy to use, and easy to fly. If you are looking for a good drone, 

Nicolas Herman

What a great drone!! I got this because I wanted something easy to use and something more than a "toy" quadcopter. I also didnt want to spend a ton! I think Flightelf hit it out of the park! Easy, easy, easy to use using the phone app. Amazing flight time and features that are useful. And i LOVE the return to home feature. You wont be disappointed with this durable and fun drone! It came with a great carrying case with foam lining! And the picture quality is very nice!

Alden Rippin

I can tell you straight if you are looking for a great drone without paying 2000.00 this is it only thing different from this one and the high ,$ ones is the price I've bought several drones previous they were all junk .2 things you look for in a drone must have, is the 3 way camera and obsitical avoidence this has both plus alot of other features . update I love it so good I bought another be sure to purchase Extra battery's 

Ambrose Frami

My friends recommended that I get another, well-known "mini" drone that cost $150 more than this one. It didn't have obstacle avoidance or automatic return to home, though. This drone is packed with features, some of which aren't advertised and that I didn't even know about! I don't think you can go wrong for the money. I still have a lot to learn about it, but I know this drone will help me become a master drone pilot! :)

Edgardo D'Amore

I am a retired (72 years old) and was looking for something to do when I ran across this product. I had a couple of projects that a drone would come in extremely helpful. After doing my price and feature comparison I purchased this one. What a kick. With no skill and just the easy instructions I was up and flying in no time. One button take off and landing and object avoidance work great. I live in a heavily forested area so their are lots of trees to run into. I am very happy with my purchase.