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I'll say this as simply as possible, this limitless drone vastly surpassed all expectations I had. So glad I didn't go spend $800 on a drone cause I can't even fathom what more I could possibly need from a drone. I've been using it almost everyday for 5-6 months now and have recorded over 60hrs of Video. Filming and film editing are obviously major hobbies of mine. The batteries last a long time, but I'd suggest getting a couple extra because as most drone users know once you start flying

Nestor O'Keefe

Amazing drone for the money! The first flight can be a bit tricky if you don't watch the instructions video, but 10 minutes in and I was flying like a pro. Camera quality was great, and streamed right to my phone... pretty cool that you don’t have to mess around with memory cards, but it still has the memory card slot if you want to use one. I really don’t see why you’d pay so much more money from from one of the well known brands when you can get all of the same features on the limitless. Just to say you have

Morris M

Gave this one to my son for his 16th bday and we’ve both been having a blast with it over the last 6 wks or so. Going to purchase another one soon so we can race at the beach and nearby park. We set up a really cool course the other day and had a blast trying to beat eachothers times. We have 4 batteries so we can take equal turns and use it for over 1hr. Great father-son bonding time. He’s been raving to my wife and his friends about it, wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of his friends get one now too. Happy flying 

Flavio Considine

I'm really amazed at how well this drone Works. Everything operates smoothly and the pictures / video are unbelievable. Make sure before you fly this drone you follow all of the proper procedures every time. Unless you have flown drones before you will crash the Drone. If you follow all the procedures it is almost impossible to crash it. The GPS works well and hooks up quickly to 5 G phones. It also hovers quite well even in moderate winds . After setting the Drone up for flight have some patients

Christ Daugherty

I wanted to be able to inspect my roof / solar panels without climbing up there. The drone is easy to setup and fly. The picture quality is good if the drone is hovering, otherwise can be a bit shakey. The TF / SD card save only worked once for me. Otherwise, it can record the video on the iPhone without the card. I'm not sure how to turn off the motor when landing with the remote, but the app has an auto landing/shutdown button, so I just use that. There's no guards for the propellers, but the drone

Melvin O'Reilly

My daughter took responsibility for getting the drone to work.We have a 5 acre property and the drone roamed above and took some excellent videos. The return to home feature is outstanding because the drone came back and descended to where it had taken off. The drone is an outstanding value.

Sonny Mills

Love this drone!! the 3 axis gimbal works amazing. I would recommend this for any beginner getting into the drone game. Great platform and high quality video usually found on more expensive quads.

Aniyah Kuhn

I have played with some of my friends' fanny drones before. I bought this one as my first drone to practice before I get serious about it. It's easy to control and the auto return function is reallyyy nice to have for beginners. The videos recorded seemed to be a little bit shaky but it is good for the price (cuz you can't compare this with those $600+ drone). Overall, I am happy with it!!!!

Karli Konopelski

I received this drone on Wednesday and did my first flights on Thursday morning. The product is solid -- it survived a couple of crashes in fine shape. I have even replaced a propeller set that the house got in the way of. The second flight, I learned how to take pictures and videos. Quite outstanding. The directions are clear and easy to follow. In my typical fashion, I missed the direction to connect my phone to the drones wi-fi. Once I did that, It was super. I had occasion to interact with suppot

Alia Prohaska

took it out for my first flight today and I’ll have to say it was much easier than I expected, couldn’t figure out how to connect camera to my phone but I’ll get it, I would give it a big thumbs up so far

Joshuah Effertz

This is a great drone for the price. I am able to fly long distances and for a long duration. People were amazed on the fly time. This has ended up in trees and marsh lands due to pilot error and the weather. Only problem is parts. But other then that love this drone