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Jamey Padberg

The drone is great for beginners with its price range. I am new and definitely do not want to spend more than $500 for a drone. The laser avoider works really well and I don't need to worry about hitting something. The take off procedures are easy to follow. I camera seems have OK picture quality. I went up 400 meters and the signal and movie are still pretty good.

Norwood Hoppe

This is an AWESOME drone. It is quick and easy to learn. The Flightelf has a ton a features and, like I said, easy to learn. The controller is not super sensitive so maneuvering the drone it smooth. LOVE THIS DRONE!!!!!

Guido Miller

I've owned 2 DJI Drones prior to purchasing this Drone and can tell you first hand that flying this drone is very similar to the more expensive drones I have owned in the past. Love the fold away arms for easy portability. Something I have not had in the past. I definitely recommend anyone over the age of 14 should consider this drone before going elsewhere.

Geoffrey Bruen

I am extremely happy with this drone. It has a lot of features for the money. It flies great, the gps mode works awesome. The drone feels very sturdy and durable. The picture and video quality is awesome and stable thanks to the gimble. I have been getting about 23 mins flight time. I would definitely recommend this drone to anyone especially beginners. The only real "ding" I can give this drone is that is has buttons for the camera angle adjustment instead of a wheel which makes it difficult fo

ultimate fin

Let me start by saying this is my first drone. It was very easy to learn to fly. The camera on this drone is amazing. It can also zoom in 50x. Pretty amazing for a drone. But what was really amazing is there customer service. I'd give it 6 stars if I could. They kept close contact with me and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend this company as you will not be to sum it up. Great drone great company great fun

Linwood O'Reilly

Ordered the 4k drone hoping that for the great price it would arrive on time and do at least most of what it said in the ad. Well, i have flown the mavic and i can tell you this drone does great compared to that. Lots of features, replaceable and recharge battery and uses your phone if you want to get live video while flying. I ordered an extra.set.of batteries and when they arrived one of them was dead. Sent a message to customer support and immediately got a reply that a new battery was on the

Chet Herman

I have had a Phantom DJI in the past. This drone fly's just as good and steady for 1/4 the price. Takes good pics and comes with a very good user friendly controller. Also the batteries are 1/3 the price of a DJI drone.

Gerard Murphy

All in all not bad for my first drone. Would'nt recommend flying in high winds (had to drive 3miles to recover) biggest issue im having is finding replacement propellers.

Genoveva Runolfsdottir

Loved the price and features thought controller did not but sell was very fast to respond and pointed out the on switch is on the side and slides than you again have not had a lot of time to test but it flies great and auto return works real well would recommend a better phone then my LG thin Q as I loose video feed at about 300-350 feet at about 80-90 foot Alt and phone only connects to app if in airplane mode which is only bad if you are in restricted air space and need clearance to fly love the obstacle avoidance and headless mode but both take some getting used too and 12-14 minutes battery but that may very if recording like I do all the time don't know over all great product thank you

Kaylah Roberts

Came quickly, everything works, thank you!)

Vivien Daugherty

This is an incredible drone!! I am a beginner in the field. What I need is an affordable product, u know it will get crashed sooner or later. I bought it 3 weeks ago as recommended from my friend. After I figured out how to get this drone registered and managed to pass the Basic Operation exam for the 1st attempt(the magic key is GOOGLE. haha!) I can not help to find a nearby uncontrolled airspace to get a try. It works perfect and is easy to operate. It brings with you 2 battery , 2 speed mode, obstacle avoidance, various video modes with 4K quality, approx. 4minutes duration. I am happy with this purchase. If you are thinking of trying any kind of drone for beginner, I highly recommend this product, you just need 1/3 p